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Left untreated, your pain and injuries can become chronic.

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We want to enable you to realise your full physical potential. Our treatment strategies are designed to help you reach your goals while taking into account your symptoms, medical background and any potential health restrictions.

We are eager to see you reach your wellness, fitness, and rehabilitation objectives and are confident that anybody who enters our doors can do it thanks to our concern and dedication.


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We strive for patient excellence every day and are devoted to provide the best care possible.

Sophisticated diagnostic techniques.
Highly skilled and experienced staff of physical therapists.
Patient centered care that prioritises our patients.
Cutting-edge technology and evidence-based practices.

Meet Your Physio Team

We blend professional techniques with personalized care to guide you towards regaining strength and mobility.

Alexis Pitsillides


Alexis Pitsillides is the founder and head physiotherapist of the Alexis Pitsillides Physiotherapy Centre. He is a PhD candidate in Physiotherapy at the European University of Cyprus, where he also currently teaches undergraduate physiotherapy students.

Before founding his own physiotherapy centre, Alexi gained experience treating patients at various hospitals across the island, including the Aretaion and General Nicosia hospitals. Alexi adopts an evidence-based philosophy to treating his patients and his name has featured in several peer-reviewed studies and academic journals.

Christina Christoforidou


Christina graduated from ATEI - the University of West Attica - in 2015 as a dental technician. After practising as a dental technician for several years she decided to join the family business in 2021. She is the first person you will see when you walk in to our centre and will assist you with appointment scheduling and any questions you might have.

Melina Papaxanthou


Melina has a BSc in Physiotherapy from Semmelweis University in Budapest, Hungary. During her five years in Hungary, she gained practical experience in all branches of physical therapy working across various hospitals in Budapest between 2016 and 2021. She has attended seminars in biomechanical dynamic taping, ERGON and most recently in Clinical Pilates.

Alexandra Gkavidou


Alexandra graduated with a BSc in Physiotherapy 2022 from the University of Thessaly. She has since gone on to work at Alexis Pitsillides Physiotherapy Center, where she focuses on helping neurological and musculoskeletal cases. She specialises in shoulder rehabilitation and knee injuries, and has attended seminars in clinical pilates, ergon technique, kinetic flossing and dry needling.

Irena Chourmouzi


Irena is a graduate of the Institute of Vocational Training in Greece (IEK) and is a qualified Physiotherapy Assistant. Since 2014 she has been working exlusively as a massage therapist and has gained experience at many large resorts and spas. She currently specialises in Swedish massage, but is also skilled in reflexogy and deep tissue massage. Her focus is to improve outcomes in people with musculoskeletal and chronic pain.

Andri Iakovou


Andri holds a Bachellor’s degree in Physical Therapy from the European University Cyprus. She specialises in clinical pilates, she is often busy treating neurological and musculoskeletal patients with therapeutic exercises that take place in the hydrotherapy pool in individual and group sessions. She is also a certified Clinical Pilates instructor.

Charalambia Konstantinou


Charalambia is a graduate of the Physical Therapy department of the International University of Nicosia.. She is a Certified Clinical Pilates Instructor.Currently she offers Clinical Pilates exercise sessions in very small groups using the Pilates bed (reformer) and other specialist equipment.She has special interest in musculoskeletal and neurological patients.

Andrea Karenou


Andrea holds a Diploma in Aesthetics from Intercollege, Nicosia. She has attended seminars in the Advanced Body Oil massage program at Massage Seminars Athens and is a qualified Massage Therapist. She has been working at Alexis Pitsillides Physiotherapy Centre since February 2022.

Angela Sozou


Angela Sozou, a skilled swimming instructor with a background in exercise and sports science, studied at the University of Nicosia. She focuses on coaching, bringing a wealth of experience to her role in helping kids of all ages improve their swimming skills and confidence in the water. She is dedicated to promoting water safety and providing a positive learning environment for the children she teaches.

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