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Kristi is a dedicated podiatrist with a robust educational background, having earned a Master's degree in Podiatry with Diabetes from Brighton University. Her professional journey commenced in the private sector, where she diligently honed her skills for two years before transitioning to a role within the NHS.

Accumulating over five years of invaluable experience in contributing to the healthcare of Bournemouth and Poole hospitals, she assumed the role of a specialist podiatrist and augmented her proficiency through specialised training sessions at King's Hospital, London.

Registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), Chrystalla is committed to ensuring her patients receive meticulous and tailored podiatric care. Moreover, in collaboration with her research counterparts, she presented a compelling discourse on the subject of microbiological contamination of clinical furniture at the esteemed 2015 national podiatry conference. Additionally, she lent her expertise to the London Marathon as an integral member of the medical team, thereby enhancing the event's healthcare provisions.

Contact details: +357 97432021
Vaso Paschali
Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist
Vaso Paschali's journey as a Clinical Dietitian-Nutritionist has been marked by rigorous academic training and extensive practical experience. Having completed both undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Cyprus, she gained invaluable hands-on experience in various healthcare settings, ranging from hospitals and private clinics to nursing homes and food industries. Her final year as a postgraduate student was enriched by practical training at the prestigious Children's Hospital "Agia Sophia" in Athens, where she honed her skills in managing complex clinical cases, including Type I Diabetes, celiac disease, and oncological conditions, with a particular emphasis on Nutritional Disorders.

Driven by a passion for lifelong learning, Vaso actively engages in seminars and activities aimed at staying abreast of the latest developments in the dynamic field of Nutrition science. Embarking on her professional career in 2021, she established a thriving private practice, where she offers personalized care to individuals of all ages, addressing both clinical and non-clinical nutritional needs. Through her holistic approach, Vaso aims not only to alleviate health concerns but also to empower her clients to embrace healthy lifestyles and dietary habits.

Contact details: +357 97829319
Stella Georgiou
Clinical Psychologist
Stella has a BSC in Psychology and MSc in Clinical Psychology from the University of Nicosia. She is a registered Clinical Psychologist, with registration number: 697, as well as a Gesy member. During her clinical practice, she gained experience with people of different ages, such as adults, children, teenagers, families and couples. Also, she worked and helped people with anxiety disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, eating disorders and other emotional, interpersonal and behavioural difficulties.

In addition, as part of her clinical practice, she worked at the Psychiatric Clinic of the General Hospital in Nicosia. A large amount of her practice focused on both addiction and people with disabilities, since she cooperated with Agia Skepi and Skapaneas Day Center. Also, she cooperated with the Center for Therapy, Training and Research of the University of Nicosia (KESY) and the Nicosia Municipal Center, where she provided brieftherapy. Her therapeutic approach is Integrative and research-based, since she combines techniques from several approaches. The reason is that she believes that each person is unique, has different needs, difficulties as well as aims.

Contact details: +357 94046864

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